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Complimentary enrollment in the Gold Seal Ground School is available for all FAA certificated flight instructors. Free, gratis, without any charge. No restrictions and no strings attached. Here's what you get:

  • Full Access to all Lesson modules, quizzing engine, and Library resources
  • Email communications with your students
  • Monitor your students' lesson progress
  • Monitor your students' test scores
  • Free listing in our CFI directory, including a link to your website or Facebook page
  • Earn commission payments when your students Enroll
  • You can set up your own Private-Labeled version of the Ground School just for YOUR students

First, click the button below to Register Now. When you enter your info, indicate "CFI" as your pilot type and enter your CFI number. This will immediately Register you giving you initial access. If you wish to receive commissions, make sure to click the commission switch to "Yes".

Within 24 hours we will confirm your status as a CFI using your CFI number. Once that is done, we will upgrade you to Enrolled status with full access for free.

When your students register, they should enter your email address (the same one you used to register) in their registration forms (there is a box for this). This links them to you. It allows you to see a complete list of your students online, email with them, and monitor their progress through the Ground School program. You can see which lessons they have completed, their quiz scores, and full quiz summaries.



Course Content - www.OnlineGroundSchool.com

The Gold Seal Ground School is a complete ground training program. It is not just a test-prep site. However, it does include full test-prep features.

The course contains 40+ lesson modules divided into six sections. The length for the multimedia portion of each module varies between five and fifteen minutes. Modules also include supplementary resources that include copies of appropriate diagrams, FAA Advisory Circulars, chapters from the FAA text books, summaries, and when appropriate, quizzes using current FAA questions.

The program tracks student progress and allows them to review previously taken quizzes. Quiz results can even be printed out for later study.

When a student has viewed all the lesson modules, he/she may print out a Certificate of Completion. Once the student has viewed all the lessons applicable to the FAA Knowledge Test, the Ground School offers a Final Exam. The student may optionally take this final exam, which contains forty questions. With a passing score of 80% or better, the student may optionally print out an endorsement to take the FAA Knowledge Test. As a CFI, you may wish to provide this endorsement yourself, but the choice is entirely up to you.

At Gold Seal, we're really excited about this new capability. By teaming up with YOU, we can work together to produce better pilots while allowing you to focus on what you do best - flight instruction! We'll do the dirty work; you simply put the polish on it.


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